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Best Ways to Remove Slime From Your Carpet

5 Ways to Remove Slime From Your Carpet

If you have kids that tend to get creative with slime from time to time, making a mess is almost unavoidable.

They could get them on anywhere, including your walls and clothes, which aren’t the worst places to get them on. The downside to their creativity is getting them on your expensive carpets and rugs.

Cute happy smiling Asian   making fluffy slime on a carpet
Cute, happy-smiling Asian making fluffy slime on a carpet.

As you’ve probably imagined or encountered, getting this gooey lump in any of these places can look like a nightmare, except it isn’t.

Do you know why? That’s because we, at Homes and Edibles, have found five (5) proven easy and cheap ways to help you remove this supposed nightmare from your carpets and rugs.

Slime can also be sticked to a cloths, walls, and especially shoes, and it you can remove it using this methods.

These ways would save you from paying outrageous cleaning prices to professional cleaning companies or getting an expensive cleaning machine.

Man cleaning slime from carpets in home
Man cleaning carpets in a home | Adobe Stock

Remove Slime From Carpets And Rugs In 5 Easy Steps

In order to explore these ways, there is a basic procedural step that you need to take first, in the course of cleaning, which is:

You need to scrape off as much slime as possible from your carpets and rugs.

Also, make sure you start to scrape immediately after the slime hits the carpet or immediately you notice it, because dealing with a freshly stained carpet is so much better and less challenging than a dried-off one.

Frozen the slime will make it easy to clean off the slime from the carpet as recommended by in their tips.

You can scrape it with your hands, a spoon, a knife, or anything else that is convenient for you to use.

Glass of juice fell on carpet. Drink spilled on floor.
Glass of juice fell on carpet. Drink spilled on floor | Adobe Stock

After this, you can then apply any of the following ways to complete the cleaning process:

1. Baking soda, vinegar, and water:

Vinegar is found in almost every home, and it is the usual go-to food ingredient that is used to remove messy stains from surfaces in the house. It serves a great function in removing slime from carpets and rugs too.

Just add equal amounts of water and vinegar to a spray bottle, or 2 parts vinegar and 1 part water. Both ways will do the trick.

jar of baking soda vinegar and lemon for cleaning carpet or rug
jar of baking soda, vinegar, and lemon.


First, sprinkle the stained spot with baking soda, then spray the above mixture onto the surface and wait for about 45 minutes to an hour.

After this, the blot dries the stained area with a clean cloth to remove excess moisture. Then, go at it with a scrub or a carpet cleaning brush and scrub away.

You may have to scrub more than once, depending on the state of the mess the slime has created

Image of woman removing stain from the carpet
Image of woman removing stain from the carpet


After scrubbing for the good part, you should notice the stains coming off easily. Your carpet would come out clean, although it might be a bit brighter than the rest of the carpet, but still clean and slime-free all the same.

2. Dish soap and water:

Dish soap has great cleansing properties and would do the trick of cleansing your slime mess just fine. Just mix a sizeable amount of dish soap and water into a spray bottle and give it a shake.

You can check this article on how to disintegrate slime particle from your carpet easily.

 hands in rubber gloves with dish soap and water
hands in rubber gloves with dish soap and water


Just like the way we applied the vinegar mix above; you spray a good amount of the dish soap mix on the stained area. Then, using a scrub or a carpet cleaning brush like we did above, scrub and scrub until you have no more slime left.

The suds from the dish soap will aid its cleansing properties, and if it’s not enough, add more until it is clean and you are satisfied.

Comfyliving put forward this method as one of the popular way of removing slime from your carpet.

washing a carpet with a dish soap and water
Carpet cleaning close up. A hand isolated with a brush, washing the carpet. Manual work.


You should notice the slime coming off and your carpets coming out clean, but only after you put in a good effort of scrubbing.

3. Carpet cleaning solution:

You can use ready-made carpet cleaning solutions like OxiClean Large Area Carpet Cleaner and Bissell Professional Stain and Odor Remover or simply make a DIY cleaning solution.

An excellent DIY carpet cleaning solution would contain a cup of white clear vinegar, a gallon of warm water, a quarter of hydrogen peroxide, and any dishwashing soap of your choice that is non-bleach.

A girl ready for rug cleaning at her house
A girl ready for carpet cleaning at her house


Spray the carpet cleaning solution, either the ready-made or the DIY, onto the slime stain and leave it on for about 5–10 minutes.

Then, with a scrub or brush or a piece of clean cloth dipped in separate warm water, scrub the stained area with enough strength to clean the slime mess.

Constantly wring the piece of cloth or scrub in the warm water to get rid of the slime on it and go back to scrubbing.

Also, when the water gets dirty, replace it with clean, warm water and continue scrubbing.

Getting slime out of carpet is possible without using spot scrubber as recommended by thehappyhousewife in this post here.

A woman cleaning a carpet with a solution.
A woman cleaning a carpet with a solution | Adobe Stock


You should notice the stains coming off as you continue to scrub.

After scrubbing, there may be a slight possibility of slime residue that didn’t come off completely. But no worries, this residue can easily be removed when you vacuum the area after scrubbing.

You can also check here how to remove stubborn glitter slime from carpet at ease from a cleaning expert.

4. Ice cubes:

Ice cubes do not just make your drink or tea chilled and more palatable to your stomach; they also serve a role in helping clean up messes like slime, and this is quite different from their presumed role.

Blocks of Ice cube | Home and Edibles
Blocks of Ice cube | Home and Edibles


All you need to do to clean up the slime is to just put the ice cubes on the stained area and allow it to sit for a few minutes, about 15-20 minutes, or until the slime freezes.

Then, scrape the frozen slime off the carpet quickly before it un-freezes, and then, vacuum the area after scraping.

A man holding an Ice cubes
A man holding an Ice cubes for carpet cleaning


If the slime is scraped off quickly and on time and vacuumed afterwards, the chance of it leaving a residue would diminish.

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5. Club Soda:

Club soda is artificially carbonated water that contains minerals.

Although it is meant for consumption like some of the others mentioned above, it can also be effective in removing slime.

Club Soda  in glass drink with lemon
Club Soda in glass drink with lemon


Spray the club soda on the slime-stained spot for a few minutes. Then, the blot dries the area with a piece of clean cloth.

Repeat this process a few times too. Then, scrub the area until it is clean.

Using club soda for cleaning carpet
Using club soda for cleaning carpet


After spraying the club soda and blot drying the stained area, you will notice the stains start to come off easily. Then, after scrubbing, which may take a few minutes, the stain comes off completely and leaves the carpet residue-free.

Frequently Asked Questions :

Will vinegar ruin my carpet?

Vinegar contains acidic content. Some carpets, especially those made from wool and fibers, cannot tolerate excessive and constant exposure to vinegar because of its acidic content, which can damage their material.

Does vinegar discolour carpets?

When used for cleaning, white (colourless) vinegar does not discolour the carpet.

The brown colourant in it can, however, cause stains on your carpets. vinegar can alter the colour of the carpets by making spot touches brighter.

Can you use apple cider instead of vinegar to clean a carpet?

Yes, you can. Unlike the unpleasant smell that white vinegar exudes, apple cider vinegar has a more pleasant smell.

Is distilled vinegar the same as white vinegar?

The acidity level is the sole difference between cleaning vinegar and distilled white vinegar. Distilled vinegar is purer (less contaminants) than white vinegar. Both are manufactured by distilling grain alcohols and allowing them to ferment while microorganisms convert the alcohol to acetic acid and water or vinegar.

How long does it take the carpet to dry after cleaning?

Depending on the type of material used in your carpet and the level of cleaning required, it usually takes 7 to 12 hours to dry. However, in areas with poor circulation, chilly air, or high humidity, a wet carpet will take longer to dry.

How do you clean the carpet by hand?

Cleaning a carpet by hand without the use of a vacuum would require a broom, a dustpan, and a little effort from your end. You would use the broom to gather the dirt and debris on the carpet and the dustpan to pack it away. Then, you can empty the dustbin or waste can.

What will you need to remove slime from your carpets?

  • Table knife or spoon
  • A bowl of warm water
  • A piece of white cloth
  • A piece of white cloth
  • vinegar,
  • Baking soda
  • Dish soap
  • Any suitable carpet cleaning solution?
  • Scrub or brush.

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Depending on the materials at your immediate disposal, you could make do with any of the ways above to clean off slime as fast and easily as possible. But for more effective cleansing, the mixture of baking soda, vinegar, and water is our best option.

This, however, shouldn’t dissuade you from trying out the other ways. For more information on how to clean various messes off your carpets and rugs, subscribe to our newsletter below.