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Household Cleaning tools

15 cleaning tools that every home should have

Cleaning is quintessential to every home.

Whether you just moved to a new apartment or you’ve been in one for quite a while, you will surely need to clean every bit of dirt, stains, and grime that you come in contact with in your home.

house  cleaning tools

To live healthily and comfortably in your home, your bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen and every other compartment in your home should be mess- free and stain-free.

But how do you know what cleaning tools that you need to have in your home or what cleaning tools that you don’t have and are missing out on?

Cleaning cart in hospital

That’s why we are here for you. Below, we will list out 15 cleaning tools that you need to have in your home and what they can be used for.

Top 15 cleaning tools that every homes should have

  1. Bucket
  2. Broom
  3. Dust pan
  4. Microfiber towel
  5. Toilet brush
  6. Vacuum cleaner
  7. Mop
  8. Squeegee
  9. Cleaning solutions
  10. Hand gloves
  11. Spray bottle
  12. Sponges
  13. Duster
  14. Scrub brushes
  15. Plunger

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1. Buckets

cleaning Blue bucket with soap

Buckets are designed to carry water around the house and are needed especially for cleaning.

They are like bowls that are deep enough to hold as much water, and they usually come with handles. You can also get them in different sizes depending on the ones you want and what you need them for.

You can use buckets to carry water for various cleaning purposes in the house including mopping, scrubbing, wiping and other cleaning purposes.

2. Broom

Cleaning broom
Cleaning broom

A broom is just broomsticks that are collected in bundles. They are used for sweeping dirt around the house and can be used indoors and outdoors. Their bristles are flexible and this aids the broom in gathering dirt with little to no efforts on your end.

Due to their design, brooms are able to clean a wide area of space in just little time. They work perfectly in ridding your space of dirt and dust and are essential for your everyday cleaning.

Brooms also come in different sizes and are of different types ranging from soft broom, long broom, hard broom, and others.

3. Dustpan

Flexible dustpan
Clean up broken water glass with broom and dustpan

Dustpans are designed for packing dirt. After using broom to sweep and gather dirt around your house, you use dustpans to pack them up and stow them into the waste-bins.

Dustpans mostly come in rectangular shapes with a handle that aids ease of use. They are usually made with plastic or steel materials.

The steel dustpans are usually more durable while the plastic ones are susceptible to breaking. However, if both are handled with care, they could last a really long time.

4. Microfiber towel

Microfiber towel

Microfiber towel can hold as much dust and water when cleaning the house.

They are usually used to clean spills, and dust smooth surface around the house.

You can use microfiber towel to clean spilled drinks and food on smooth surfaces and furniture in your house. Also, in the absence of a duster, your microfiber towel can substitute for it and can instead be used to dust your furniture.

5. Toilet brush

Toilet brush

As the name implies, you use toilet brushes in the toilet.

They are designed for cleaning toilets, regardless of the type that you use. All you need to do is make a soapy solution and dip your toilet brush in it to wash your toilet.

They usually leave a satisfactory result when used this way.

Toilet brushes come mostly in a constant size but may differ in colors. They usually come with a bowl-like container where the toilet brushes are placed when they are not in use.

Toilet brush
A woman cleans a bathroom toilet with a toilet brush.

6. Vacuum cleaner

vacuum cleaner,

Unlike the above cleaning equipment, the vacuum cleaner uses electricity to function.

It works like a suction device as it sucks up dust and dirt off your carpets, rugs, floors, upholsteries. It literally rids your surfaces of any free dusts or dirt lying around.

So, if you need a thorough cleaning of your carpets, rugs, and the likes, a vacuum cleaner is certainly your go-to.

It is usually made up of a long-handled cleaning device that sucks up your dirt and a small car-like compartment where the dirt and dusts that the vacuum cleaner sucks in goes into.

Depending on the companies that made them, vacuum cleaners usually comes in different designs but they perform the same functions.

7. Mops

cleaning mop

Mops are necessary in the house to clean up water or to makes surfaces shinier in the house. When you mistakenly spill water on the floor or you need to mop up excess moisture off a particular surface, mops are best suited for this purpose.

Also, you can use mops when you need to clean dull surfaces like your floors, mirror walls, windows.

Mops are mostly long-handled stick with wooly bristles at an extreme of the sticks.

You can buy them alone or get them with buckets suited for mopping too.

These buckets come with a small sieve on one side of its opening, where you can wring off your mops to remove excess moisture and then go back cleaning with your mops.

8. Squeegee


You use the squeegee to rid surfaces (mirrors) of moisture or anything that stains it.

For example, the moisture that fogs your mirrors or glasses through heat after showering can be cleaned off by squeegees.

Also, if you get other things like soaps, dirt, smudges, on your glasses or mirrors, you can easily wipe them all down with a squeegee.

Basically, a squeegee has a handle that is attached to a rectangle board with a foam or wool-like material beneath it to clean off surfaces.

9. Cleaning solutions

Cleaning solutions

Cleaning solutions are solutions that make cleaning easier. They help to dissolve any dirt or grimes before you go in with an actual cleaning equipment like a brush or mop.

You can get any cleaning solutions of preference from your local store or you can easily make a DIY cleaning solution depending on what you would like to clean (Dirt, grime, dust, slime).

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10. Hand gloves

cleaning hand gloves

If your hands are sensitive to cleaning agents or you just don’t like getting your hands involved while cleaning, hand gloves are certainly the best remedies for that.

They help to protect your hands and still allows you to clean effectively without no stress.

Hand gloves are made from different material but the ones for cleaning are usually made from rubber.

11. Spray Bottles

Cleaning Spray bottle

Spray bottles are bottles that come with a spray-like hole in the head(cover). When the bottle’s head is pressed, the liquid comes out through the spray-like hole.

Spray bottle is also an important cleaning equipment that is used when you need to apply water or cleaning solutions in little amounts to a spot that you are currently cleaning.

If you are scrubbing your rug or carpets and you don’t want to soak it up with water, your spray bottle can help you out in this case.

12. Sponges

cleaning  sponges
Stack of cleaning sponges

Sponges are used in cleaning almost all surfaces in the house.

You can use them for your plates, kitchen tops, furniture, carpets, rugs, and other surfaces in your house.

They are gentle in their cleaning action and that’s makes up for their flexibility in use.

They are usually made from polyester or polyurethane, and each of them serve different functions.

Sponges made from polyester are commonly used for washing dishes(softer), while the ones made from polyurethane are used for the abrasive sides of polyester sponges.

13. Duster

Feather duster for cleaning

A duster, like the name implies, helps to dust off your surfaces.

Your furniture, your walls, your mirrors and any other places in your house that has picked up dusts that needs to be gotten rid of.

Dusters are made from microfibers which is attached to a handle for ease of use.

14. Scrub brushes

Scrubbing brush
Scrubbing the floor with a brush

Scrub brushes are brushes that are used to scrub dirt in your house. If you want to wash your rugs or carpet, you need a scrub brush.

If you stain your furniture with dirt, paint, grime, or any other stains, you need a scrub brush.

Scrub brush gives the deep cleansing that your even sponges cannot give. They come with bristles that help to sharpen that cleansing action.

15. Plunger

Plunger on the shelf.

It is inevitable to avoid clogged drains or toilets most of the times. When this happens, your plunger comes to your rescue.

The plunger, also called the force cup, is a suction cup attached to its handle (wood or plastic).

Plunger is effective in unclogging and clearing clogs and blockages in toilets and drains.

Cleaning Sink Filled With Water With Cup Plunger

All you need to do is push the suction cup into the clogged area and push continuously with the stick until you successfully unclog.

All the 15 cleaning tools (equipment) mentioned above are essential in every home to ensure the ultimate cleaning of every compartments in your home.

They are also very easy to use and maintain; just wash with soap.

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All the 15 cleaning tools (equipment) mentioned above are essential in every home to ensure the ultimate cleaning of every compartments in your home. They are also very easy to clean and maintain; just wash with soap and water, air dry, and store in a cool, dry place.