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Mango Protein Smoothie Recipe: Mango Magic in a Glass

Ever wonder what can be used to relieve joint pain as well as enhance your skin to look younger and healthier, aside from drugs? This protein-mango smoothie is your way to go. Trust me, its beyond just any smoothie you’ve come across. 

There are different smoothies with different ingredients, but smoothies can also be used as a way to increase your productivity if you follow the right recipe. This smoothie is creamy and heavenly sweet. It contains all the proteins you need in the right proportion.

If you have a protein deficiency, do you wish to add protein to your diet, or are you just looking for any healthy way to improve your joints and skin and live a more comfortable life? This smoothie is for you. It contains all the nutrition you need to start your day or even end it. It contains both powdery and liquid protein, which can help you live a better life.

Benefits of Collagen Proteins

1. Collagen proteins, when taken in the right proportion, help with weight management. They make you feel fuller, which helps reduce your food intake while still getting good nutrition.

2. The body joint needs more collagen, as it helps it to be healthier and stronger. It also decreases the chances of osteoarthritis in bones.

3. Collagen proteins help promote skin elasticity and hydration, as they are a major component in the skin. It also helps prevent wrinkles and care for the skin generally.

4. It helps with digestion and may also decrease the chances of leaky gut syndrome.

5. It helps in repairing and restoring hair life, as well as that of nails.

6. It helps in wound healing as the skin needs collagen to heal faster.

Ingredients Mango Protein Smoothie Recipe

  • 1 cup of frozen mango fruit 
  • 1 cup of Greek yogurt 
  • 1 teaspoon of collagen protein
  • ½ cup of water 
  • 2 teaspoons of honey
  • 1 cup of frozen banana 

Make sure you rinse the blender or smoothie maker, then add in all your ingredients and blend till it is very smooth. Serve and enjoy. You can also freeze it and enjoy it as ice cream.

Nutritional content

  • Mango 100cal        –      1g protein 
  • banana 105cal         –     2g proteins 
  • non fat yogurt 59 calories – 13g proteins 
  • collagen protein (30 calories)   – 6g of proteins 
  • calories per cup 1480 calories

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What is the best protein to put in a smoothie?

Soy protein, collagen protein, rice protein, whey protein, and Greek yogurt are all the best protein options you can find in a smoothie. They contain different proteins from different sources and serve different purposes. So while choosing a protein for your smoothie, choose the one that has the supplement you’re looking for.

How much collagen protein should be taken per day?

A minimum of a teaspoon of collagen proteins should be taken per person for those who have protein deficiency; adding it to smoothies will make it easier to consume for a healthy lifestyle.

What fruits are to be put in a mango smoothie?

You can add different types of fruits to your mango smoothie. Fruits like bananas, grapes, and apples make your mango smoothie more succulent and taste great.

What are the liquids to put in your smoothie?

Milk, Yogurt, Water, and soymilk are some of the healthy liquid choices you add to your smoothie


Making this smoothie will not only help you gain more protein but also give you sweet and healthy treats outside of your comfort zone. It can also be taken frozen or even as ice cream, which is a healthy choice. Don’t forget to like, share, and drop a comment, as well as lovely pictures of when you try this out.