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Chive (Allium schoenoprasum)

Top 15 Flowering Vegetables You Don’t Know

I’ll say flowers are a special gift from God given to nature. Wherever flowers grow, they add beauty to the landscape. Not just the beauty, they also leave the surroundings with an inviting aroma.

Human beings require some supplements to live healthily. Vegetables are the best source of vitamins. Meanwhile, while you grow vegetables in your garden, you can also gift your garden with gorgeous flowers and enjoy the company of butterflies before using your vegetables for salad or other meals.

Numerous vegetables are flowers. All vegetables produce flowers.


Vegetables that are flowers are of two varieties: those that produce flowers only to form later the edible part of the plant and those types that produce flowers alone if you leave them unrooted.

Most vegetable gardeners don’t take note of this and end up cutting off plants that add a beautiful look to their garden.

In this post, I’ll highlight fifteen vegetables that are flowers that you can grow. Remember, flowers also attract pollinators, so they can bring the butterflies and bees that the rest of your garden demands.

1. The Sunflower


Sunflowers are pretty good for making salads. Growing this edible flower in your garden comes easily. As it sprouts, you can prepare your tasty salad with it and enjoy a slice of paradise.

You can as well prepare your meal with its petals, and you can also steam its buds and enjoy them with a little spread of butter. Every part of a sunflower is edible.

 2. The Okro Plant

Okro plant

Okro plant is a vegetable plant that produces flowers. Its flowers are always white, and some appear to glow in the dark.

This plant produces okro as a seed, and it is always edible. In fact, just a taste of okro soap prepared by southerners, and you’ll never want to have any other type of soup. Most people aren’t aware that okro plant flowers are edible.

The flowers are as tasty as the well-prepared okro.

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3. Squash

Squash - Nice ripe Zucchinis growing over garden fence

If you’re looking for some edible flowers, go for squash. Squash sprouts out of its yellowish scarlet when the sun brightens. You can fry squash blossoms and enjoy them with your meal because squash petals are extremely tasty, and I know you wouldn’t want to miss out.

4. Peas

peas growing on the farm
peas growing on the farm

Peas are one vegetable flower that most gardeners don’t take advantage of.

Peas are just too sweet. We eat peas, though. Most people don’t know that pea greens and flowers are also edible and tasty.

They are good at preparing desserts. Once you try it, you’ll never want to miss a meal without them.

5. Lavender

Close up of blooming lavender flowers in a field in summer

Lavender is a flowering plant you shouldn’t miss in your vegetable garden.

The purple color of lavender invites pollinators to your gorgeous farm.

Lavender flowers aren’t just beautiful and inviting; you can also use them in preparing your meals.

6. Cabbage


One of my favorite vegetables is cabbage. I enjoy eating a tiny slice of it with my rice and stew. I didn’t realize how tasty it was until I tried having some of its flowers in my meals.

Cabbage produces edible and sweet-scented flowers for a month.

They grow wide and live long in your garden. As you prepare your salad with cabbage, try out its flowers and unleash a slice of paradise.

7. Radishes


Another vegetable that has flowers is radish. Radish flowers come in a range of beautiful colors, from white to pink, purple to cream.

They grow into a mass of small flowers. Either of these varieties is edible. When preparing dessert, try some radish and see what you’ve been missing so far.

8. Chinese broccoli

Chinese broccoli

Suppose you’re wondering which other vegetables are in bloom.

In that case, kai-lan is another flowering vegetable that you can go for and plant in your garden during spring.

Chinese broccoli produces white edible flowers and usually grows for months. Take some, fry them and enjoy them with your meal.

9. Chives

Chive (Allium schoenoprasum)

If you’re a gardener, another variety of vegetables that are flowers that will delight you and invite pollinators to your garden is chives.

They have a soft pinky color and look like a globe in shape, and their presence always repels pests in your garden.

You can use chives to prepare your delicious salad as it adds an aromatic taste to it.

You can also blend chives in with butter and goat cheese. After just one taste of chive flowers, you won’t want to omit them from your next meal.

10. Cosmos

Cosmos flower

Cosmos tend to grow faster and blossom profusely on moderately moist soil.

The cosmos blossoms leave your garden with a delightful landscape view and repel pests that could ruin your flowering vegetable garden.

11. Borage


Borage is another flowering vegetable that you can introduce into your garden.

I love the fragrance of this pink-colored flower. It is an herb plant like lavender.

Borage grows faster after sowing into the ground and later reseeds itself. You can eat both the flowers and leaves of a borage plant. They are really tasty when prepared well.

12. Dandelion

dandelions on a white background
dandelions on a white background

Most people only consider the greens of dandelion bitter. On the other hand, dandelion is incredibly edible and sweet if cooked properly with enough salt and garlic. Dandelion flowers are also very delicious when fried or cooked. You can easily grow them within a short period in your vegetable garden and start enjoying your meals with them.

13. Dill


Dill is another vegetable that is a flower that you can add to your herb garden.

The dill plant produces flowers easily. Apart from its medicinal benefits as an herb, the flowers of dill and other parts of the plant are flourishing.

The yellowish color of its flowers also has the miracle of inviting pollinators into your vegetable garden.

14. Scarlet Emperor Runner Bean

Scarlet Emperor Runner Bean

This flowering vegetable comes with a lot of benefits for the gardener. Apart from the numerous seeds it produces for consumption, its flowers are also numerous and edible.

These bean plants are easy to grow and require less energy to cultivate.

The scarlet of this vegetable flower is abundantly rich and nutritious. You can try some in your meal and see what you’ve been missing so far.

15. Lettuce

Growing lettuce in rows in a field on a sunny day.

Lettuce is a flowering vegetable with tons of beneficial purposes.

Eating lettuce hydrates the body because it is composed of 95% water. You can probably plant lettuce in your vegetable garden and enjoy salad meals once the lettuce is harvested.


Flowering vegetables you can plant in your garden are not limited to the numbers in this post. There are numerous others, too. Our list only included the top-notch flowering vegetable. Do well to send each other feedback.

List of Flowering Vegetable Plants

  • The Sunflower
  • The Okro
  • Squash
  • Peas
  • Lavender
  • Cabbage
  • Radishes
  • Chinese broccoli
  •  Chives
  • Cosmos
  • Borage
  • Dandelion
  • Dill
  • Scarlet Emperor Runner Bean
  • Lettuce