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Edika Ikong soup

Edikaikong Got Easier And Yummy | Best Edika Ikong At Home

I’m a fan of vegetable soup. In fact, seeing well-cooked vegetable soup can lighten up my entire day, but Edikaikong soup is another level of Nigerian vegetable soup that has no match in the vegetable soup arena. To top it all, it is very easy to make. I mean, a few steps and boom, your soup is ready to devour?. Now let’s dive into it without any delay. I can’t wait to start perceiving the aroma and have a taste.

Edika Ikong soup


  • 1kg of goat meat
  • 2 big cut of Panmo (
  • A cup of dried blended cray fish
  • 4 cubes of seasoning
  • 500 gram of chopped water leaf
  • 500 gram of chopped pumpkin leaf (ugu leave)
  • 2 table spoon of locust bean or ugba
  • A cup of palm oil
  • 250 gram of dried stock fish
  • Roughly blended pepper mix
  • Ginger and galic
  • 3 big onions
  • Periwinkle
  • Salt

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Step one (sougting your pepper )

You need a cup of scotch bonnet pepper, one big onion. Rinse your pepper with onions and blend roughly or grind it with your grinder. Set aside, bring out your locust beans and rinse them.

Step two (Carefully soughting your vegetables)

Bring out your vegetables, I know you’re aware that you will dice your vegetables, but wait, don’t cut everything together. dice your vegetables separately, that is, dice water leaf and ugu leaves separately. After dicing your vegetables, rinse them with warm water at least three times.

This is to make sure the vegetables are free of any kind of dirt or stone. The worm water will also make the vegetables easy to rinse.

Step three (Getting your proteins ready)

Bring out your goat meat and ponmo (cow flesh). Rinse your goat meat 3 times with enough water and put inside your cooking pot, now wash your ponmo (cow flesh) very well to make sure its stone and dirt free. Then cut your ponmo (cow flesh) into smaller sizes and add it the goat meat in the pot.

Now add two cubes of seasoning in to your the pot with some diced onions, chopped ginger and garlic.

Add your washed periwinkle into the pot, Add about 1 and half cup of water and mixed everything together with a spatula, cover the pot and put it on a medium heat, Allow it boil for at least 15 minute, then drain from the stock and set the two aside. I mean the goat meat stock  goat meat, periwinkle and Ponmo (cow flesh).

Now remember your dried stock fish, bring it out and soak it inside hot water in a bowl and add ¼teaspoon of salt.

Leave for at least 20minute to soak very well, then rinse from the water and set aside. Bring out your iru (locust bean) and rinse it twice, then set aside.

Step four (Gradual process of sauce)

Now put a medium sized cooking pot on a medium heat and your palm oil, then after 30seconds, add your diced onions, and then your locust bean(iru). Fry these two for about 3 minute and your kitchen is already booming with aroma.

Now add your pepper mix and your goat meat stock, then a cube of seasoning, your dried blended crayfish, about ¼ of salt to taste. Mix together and let it cook for 5 minutes then add your stick fish, goat meat, periwinkle and ponma (cow flesh) and leave to cook for 10 minutes under low heat.

Step five ( last mix )

Now open the goodness on the heat and stir, then gradually add your ugu leaves until the sauce has taken it all. Leave to cook for 2 minutes, then add your water slowly and gently so that your vegetables will not stain your stove.

Make sure you mix gently so the vegetables and the sauce and mixed together, then leave to cook for about 20 minutes on a low heat.

Open the the cooking goodness and boom, your edikaikong is ready for you to devour.

Bring it down from the heat and clean up the kitchen while the soup cool down for you to enjoy.

How to serve Edika Ikong

You can enjoy your edikaikong soup with swallows like, eba, pounded yam, plantain, amala, rice, beans, and any food of your choice. You can also enjoy your edikaikong soup by eating the soup with some soft drinks, juice, yogurt and smoothies. You can check out 5 best smoothies you are yet to make.

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  • Do not mix the leaves together before cooking as one leave is more tender than the other
  • Do not add water to the soup after adding the vegetable, its might look dry to you, but once you cook on a low heat, the vegetables will release it’s water in to the soup. if you add extra water, the soup will take long before it will dried up and this will slower your process.
  • Do not add much scotch pepper as this will make it to spicy for you to enjoy.


Edika ikong is very easy to make, but if you follow this recipe carefully, it will make it easier. The soup is very nutritious and benefit the body in numerous ways. Top your cooking game by trying this recipe and put a smile on your family and friends faces. Don’t forget to share, like and comments. And please, share me the lovely pictures of your own recipe??.

What is edika ikong soup made of?

Edika ikong soup is made up of pumpkin leaf(ugu leave), water leave, pepper mix, any protein of your choice, locust bean, and some red oil.

What is the difference between edikaikong soup and afang soup?

Edikaikong is made up of pumpkin leaf(ugu leave) and water leaf while Afang is made of wild spinach (uzazi leave) and water leave. Their cooking methods is almost the same thing but they have different combinations of vegetables.

What does edikaikong taste like?

Edikaikong taste like your normal vegetable soup but has a greater taste than the regular ones. It’s very yummy and delicious.