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Nigerian Beef Stew Mistakes

Nigerian Beef Stew Mistakes | 9 Flaws People Makes When Making Soup

One of the most delicious soups in Nigeria is Nigerian beef soup.

This soup has different recipes but has this general flavor and deliciousness that it always gives you no matter the steps or methods if you don’t make some mistakes.

Whether you are living in Nigeria or not, Nigerian beef stew is one of the soups that represent some of the top-notch African soups.

I grew up in the north-central of Nigeria, and I can tell you that beef stew was the first soup I knew how to make. This soup is not only delicious but goes with many foods like Amala, Rice, Spaghetti Semovita, Tuwo, and many lovely Nigerian dishes.

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This soup is made of some blended pepper, seasoning, spices, onions, beef stock, palm oil or vegetable oil, some ginger and garlic, and some beef meat. There are some procedures in making this soup, and if you make some mistakes, it will not give you a good outcome.

1. Not using fresh pepper 

fruit, vegetable with a disease

when making your soup, make sure you use fresh pepper that has not spoilt. I mean fresh pepper that is not split or close to being spoiled.

When you buy your pepper from the market, make sure your tomatoes are very ripe and not already spoiled because it will give your soup a sour taste. 

2. Not cooking your meat before using it for soup

Your meat is supposed to be cooked for at least 2O minutes before using it to make your soup. You might choose to fry it or not but cooking it with seasoning and spices before using it for the soup is very important. It will make the meat soft and well seasoned, which will give the soup a great taste.

3. Using too much seasoning  

too much seasoning

Using too much seasoning for your soup will make it lose its great taste and flavor. If you make a litter of soup, 2 cubes and a half tablespoon spoon of salt is ok. You can use other spices, but make sure it’s not excessive.

4. Not frying the onions 

Top view of white bowl full of diced red onions

frying your onions in oil before pouring the blender pepper is very important. It gives your soup a very nice flavor and great taste. But if you did not fry it before pouring your blended pepper, it will not taste that nice, and the onions will cook instead of mixing together with your soup. for someone who doesn’t like seeing onions in their food, they might not like your soup.

5. Not using enough oil 

You must use enough vegetables or palm oil when making your beef stew. If you add chilli to your pepper mix, it needs more oil.

For example, when making a litter beef stew, you will use at least 20cl to 25cl of your oil, this will make it more beautiful and look yummy and give it a great taste.

6. Not using the correct proportion of vegetable and pepper 

proportion of vegetable and pepper 

When making your beef stew, you need the correct potion of pepper and vegetable mix if you want your soup to give a delicious taste. For example, suppose you want to make a litter of beef stew. In that case, you will need 10 big tomatoes, some 4 to 5 chili pepper, 2 big onions, about 5 scotch bonnets, and half a teaspoon of fresh grated ginger and garlic.

If you don’t get the correct proportion of your blended pepper, your beef stew will not come out nice, and you might not like the taste. 

7. Using too many spices 

when making your Nigerian beef soup, make sure you use minimum spices so you don’t over-spice your soup. over spicing can make your soup bitter or have a bad taste. 

8. Not allowing the soup to cook 

when making your soup, make sure it cooks very well. Your soup should stay on heat for at least 15 to 20 minutes after it starts to cook. If your soup is not cooked, it will not last long before it spoils or loses taste. It won’t even give you the great taste and the Nigerian beef soup flavor.

9. Bleaching the oil too much  

When you bleach your oil too much, it’s not ideal for soup. It makes your soup less colorful and won’t taste that good.


Nigerian beef stew is easy to make and delicious. Still, some of the listed mistakes will not make you enjoy your soup’s originality. So, to make a great taste and super delicious soup, make sure you avoid those mistakes.

How do you thicken Nigerian beef stew? 

You can make Nigerian beef stew thick by increasing the chilli pepper in your pepper blend. You can also thicken your soup by allowing it to dry up before removing it from heat. 

When is my beef stew watery? 

Your Nigerian beef stew will be watery if you don’t allow it to dry up before pulling it out of the heat. Suppose you don’t mix the correct proportion of your pepper mix. In that case, it can also make it watery, like adding too many tomatoes or not adding chili.

What to do when you add too much water to your stew?

When you add too much water to your stew, the solution is to allow it to dry up on the heat; that is, leave it for longer minutes until you get the thickness you are looking for.

Is it good to add sugar to your stew? 

Adding sugar to your stew is not good because it will not give it the great taste of Nigerian beef stew. It will taste sugary instead of it to taste yummy and delicious. 

What is the secret of a good stew?

The secret to a good stew is the right proportion of pepper mix, minimum spicing, adequate seasoning, and the right portion of proteins like meat, fish, and so on.

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