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Liquid Soap production

How to Make Quality Liquid Soap at Home | Home and Edibles

Every household requires liquid soap for cleaning surfaces, washing dishes, cars, and so on. You’ll believe me when I say that you’ll hardly see a home without the need for liquid soap per day. Because of this, demand for liquid soap is high in the market.

Production of liquid soap has really gained ground in most African countries. You may want to have a taste of its lucrativeness and also learn something new, especially now that its demand is increasing at a high rate due to an increment in the population.

how to make a liquid soap

It can also be a source of meager income for you in the cheerless economic situation you may find yourself in.

The production is very easy and it doesn’t require a lot of capital. With just a little money in your wallet, you can produce liquid soap in the comfort of your home and use it or sell it to other people.

In this post today, I’ll teach you how to produce liquid soap that sells better than any other. Just follow my steps, and you’ll cheerfully be counting your cash for your production.

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Chemicals You’ll Need to Produce 25 Liters Of Liquid Soap

The following are the chemicals required for you to produce 25 liters of liquid soap.

  1. Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) -125g
  2. Caustic Soda (250g)
  3. Soda Ash (500g)
  4. Nitrosol (125 g)
  5. Texapon (250g) 500g
  6. Sulfonic Acid (75cl)
  7. 250 g Foam Booster
  8. 62.5g perfume
  9. Color-as desired.


  1. A large bowl (over 25 litres)
  2. A long enough turning stick
  3. A measuring cup
  4. 25 litres of water.
  5. Gloves
  6. Apron 
  7. Nasal mask
  8. Bottles for packaging

Ensure you use all the protective clothing before you start to mix your chemicals. You know, chemicals aren’t friendly to skin and internal organs.


  1. First, measure 10 liters of water into your main mixing bowl (bowl above 25 litres) with your measuring cup. Pour the Nitrosol in gently and stir as it pours in. Continue stirring until you notice it has dissolved. Nitrosol functions as a thickener for your production.
  2. . In a separate bowl, measure 2 liters of water and pour the SLS gently while stirring. Stir continuously until it dissolves totally. SLS has the appearance of rice grain and aids in foaming.
  3. Mix the 2 above (dissolved SLS in 2 liters of water) with the 1 above (dissolved Nitrosol in 10 liters of water). Stir continuously until thoroughly combined. This makes 12 liters.
  4. Measure 3 liters of water, and dissolve your caustic soda in it. Pour it while stirring to avoid it balling up Caustic soda functions as a stain remover. Continue to stir until you notice it has dissolved totally. This is very important. Then mix with item (3) above and stir. Now you should have 15 liters in your big bowl of Nitrosol, SLS, and caustic soda.
  5. Prepare your soda ash in 4 liters of water separately and stir until it dissolves. Combine with 4 above and constantly stir soda ash functions as a cleaning agent in your production. By now, you should have 19 litres in the main bowl comprising of Nitrosol, SLS, Caustic Soda and Soda Ash.
  6. . In 1 liter of water, pour texapon and sulphuric acid together. Continue to stir until you notice the color has changed to a creamy color. Then combine it with number 5 above. Now you have 20 litres in your main mixing bowl. At this point, the soap has become thicker. You’re close to the end!
  7. Add foam booster directly to step 6 above and stir. You won’t dissolve foam booster; it’s in liquid form.
  8. Add an extra 4 liters of water to your 7 above and stir. That’ll make 24 liters. right? Good!
  9. Use 1 liter of water to dissolve your color, and mix it with 8 above after 2 hours. That is, wait 2 hours before mixing your color into the main production. After 2 hours, mix and stir until you notice an even distribution of the color. You have free will to go with any color. I like using green mostly.
  10. Add your perfume. There are varieties of perfume you can go for; vanilla, blue water, lemon, etc. I usually prefer blue water.
  11. All production will be put on hold for 4-5 hours.
  12. Package your product and sell it.
Plastic bottles for household chemicals and perfumes on exhibition


  1. Ensure you’re in your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) throughout your production process.
  2. Keep stirring as the chemicals dissolve and mix.
  3. Ensure you don’t add water to chemicals; it’s dangerous. Just add the chemicals into the water just like I’ve explained above.
  4. . Dissolve all chemicals in water before mixing with others, including the color. Do not use powdered color in your production.
  5. Allow two hours for your production to rest before adding color and another four to five hours before packaging.

How to Market Liquid Soap

To market liquid soap require a lot of tactics, because there is no business if the return on investment (ROI) is not feasible.

Here are the best way to market your liquid soap production online and offline.

  1. E-commerce Website: For every business, there should be an online shop, where people can order 24/7 in the convenient of their room and being process automatically without stress. Having an E-commerce website can actually speed up the sales by high percentage, and also serve as a lead magnet for all social media platforms to boost the sales. It is also useful in setting retargeting from Facebook, Google , Instagram etc.
  2. Email Marketing: Is the process of making a reoccurring sales from a previous customer, according to Sabri in his Book sell like crazy ” My Secret Weapon to Transforming Any Traffic Source into My Own Personal Honeypot of Hyper-Profitable Unlimited Revenues, and the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) reports that the average return on investment (ROI) for email marketing is $44 for every $1 spent by marketers. Avoid the error of neglecting to create this fantastic asset for your own company. Email marketing is the most effective digital marketing medium for generating leads, according to 42% of organizations. Email delivers more leads than any other marketing channel. Therefore, an email list is essential if you’re serious about business growth. “
  3. Facebook Page, Instagram Page, and Twitter Page: Without a doubt, social media has been the best place for all online sales, due to high retention audiences and huge purchases via ads and product display for free, that is why almost business owners have a page in one or all these platforms, if you are not in one of these you are definitely missing a great opportunity in marketing your liquid soap.
  4. . Business WhatsApp / WhatsApp Status: It is not an exaggeration that a lot of people are making shit load of money right from their WhatsApp, especially via their status with a mare posting of their product (liquid soap) on their status or directing people to their E-commerce website, is not only WhatsApp, you can use other platform that do the same.
  5. Direct Marketing: Direct or Physical marketing happen to be one of the most effective way of marketing your product, because you will get access to display your product physically and demonstrate it live in front of them, from that you can also turn to a supplier.


Following the procedures above ensures the successful production of liquid soap that you can make use of in your house or sell to other people. Like I said earlier, you only need a little capital and enough energy to produce and start selling your liquid soap. Meet me in my subsequent posts as I discuss other household essentials.

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Contributor: Mas’ud Taofeeq